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Freq EQ

Freq EQ

The new schnizzle in EQs.
Powerful and truly simple.

The FREQ Proportional Q Parametric EQ is a sweepable 4-band EQ that has the same feel as the most famous EQs, where the bandwidth is wide when boosting a little and tightens up as you boost or cut more. The HIGH and LOW bands have a switch that changes the Q to a fixed "WIDE" bandwidth instead of a shelf, which helps keep out-of-band frequencies from causing clipping. The 2 MID bands have a 1/3 OCT lock that keeps the bandwidth at 1/3 OCT, so you can notch things with fine control. And a transformer output, designed with a combo of nickel and steel, gives the EG a warm sound and smooth texture.


  • 4 band Proportional Q
  • 25-700 LF
  • 75-2K2 LM
  • 350-10K HM
  • 2K 20K HF
  • Wide
  • EQ Bypass
  • Distortion less than .03%, 100Hz and lower
  • Clips at +28 Bu
  • Green Signal Indicator
  • Draws LESS than 100 m/amps per rail
  • Meets VPR-type specifications for 500 series modules.
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