Ref Mic Pre 500

Ref Mic Pre 500

Clean and Pristine
Reference quality Mic Pre

The REFPRE is designed as a true reference Mic Pre, letting the true sound of the mic come to the fore. Transparent opamps, minimal circuitry. This is the pre-to-use for sampling, another use case, blah blah.
In addition, the mic has a ribbon button.. which is engaged, the gain is increased by 10db... and the phantom circuit is locked out.

A reference microphone preamplifier (mic pre) designed to be as transparent and neutral as possible, aiming to deliver a faithful reproduction of the microphone's signal without imparting any additional coloration or sonic signature. Unlike other mic pres that might add warmth, saturation, or other tonal characteristics, the RefPre is about purity and clarity, ensuring that the signal is amplified in the most accurate way possible. This makes it an ideal choice for critical listening environments and scenarios where the true sound of the microphone and the source needs to be captured without any embellishment. This is a perfect tool for professional recording studios, broadcast environments, and sound engineers who demand the highest fidelity and accuracy in their recordings.


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