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Named after the legendary Tutti Camarata

Introducing the SUNSET SOUND TUTTI 500 Series Discrete dual 990 op-amp design, born from the famous Sunset Sound custom-designed mic preamps

Based on Hollywood's famous Sunset Sound Studios, the Sunset Sound Tutti 500 Series mic/instrument preamp is a testament to Tutti Camarata, the man who started Sunset Sound.

Celebrating Sunset Sound's 60 years of recordings, ranging from Mary Poppins to Van Halen, The Doors to Sheryl Crow, Led Zeppelin to Prince, the Tutti was designed to replicate the high level of quality the studio itself had to deliver on all these legendary recordings.

The "Tutti" is based on the design used in the massive custom console's in Studio 1 and Studio 3 where so many famous albums have been tracked.

The "Tutti" harnesses Dual 990 op amps, two custom-made cinemag nickel transformers (in-out) and is the original design keeping it true to history.

Sunset Sound owner Paul Camarata and

Paul Wolff came together to reimagine the unit as a 500 module and went through painstaking design revisions to get the transformers & circuit as close to the originals.


  • Dual 990 op-amps
  • Nickel Transformers, Input and Output
  • Input Gain, 10dB steps, 10dB to 60dB range
  • Gain Trim, ‡ 6dB, Continuous
  • Output Fader Control, Continuous from INF to 65 dB
  • Front XLR MIC Input, and 1/4" INST input,
  • Mic, 150/1500 ohms, INST 100K ohms
  • 10Hz to 60KHZ FLAT
  • Distortion less than .03%, 100Hz and lower
  • Clips at +28 Bu
  • Green Signal Indicator
  • Draws LESS than 100 m/amps per rail
  • Meets VPR-type specifications for 500 series modules
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